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Here is an index of all the GM Advice articles I have published.

Adventure Design

Campaign Management


Dungeon Design

Many of these dungeon design articles appear in Be Awesome at Dungeon Design which is a free download from d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo and RPGNow.


Encounter Design


Game Play



Treasure, Rewards and Penalties

Urban Design & Adventures


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2 thoughts on “GM Advice

  1. Hi Chief;
    My question for GM advice is this: How can one deal with Languages in RPGs. Minus the omniprescent and unrealistic “Common Tongue” or amulets of translation, what are some good strategies for when the party meets NPCs who don’t speak their language. I mean, say your PCs run into an ancient forest and come across a hamlet, which is really the home of a milleniae old cabal of dwarven swamp witches, just as a ridiculuous example. I realise that sign language and such can be great roleplaying oportunities, but this tends to break game pace, and dissolve into players getting “out of game mode”. To be in line with pacing and keep things from going astray, what are some measures that a GM can use, or players, when dealing with NPCs who speak another language.?