Old Classics You Should Check Out

I’m a bit of an old (gaming) fart. I’ve been gaming for over three decades and in that time I’ve played loads of well known–and some not so well known–modules. The posts below contain some of my suggestions for classic adventures you really should run:

I hope you enjoy them!

Better Dungeon Delving and You

Being able to whack things with a sword isn’t the only prerequisite of being a good adventurer. Sometimes, cunning, subtly, planning and diplomacy also come into play. And just as often, these facets of dungeon exploration are ignored in favour of “rushing in and slaying them all.” With that in mind, here’s a collection of handy links designed to make you a better dungeon delver.

If I’ve missed anything, please leave a comment below and help other adventurers not die during their next expedition.

Gloamhold: The Ghost Tower

The Shard is one of the most well known parts of Gloamhold. Visible from Languard’s battlemented walls, the great ruin soars high above Greystone’s ruins huddling far below. Neophyte adventurers—not ready for the terrors lurking in Gloamhold’s outer halls—often dare the Shard’s ruins in search of easy victories and gold.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

I’ve Updated My Toolbox

I’ve just updated the software and apps list in my toolbox. You can check out the updated article here.

Here is a brief list of the changes I’ve made to my toolbox:

  • Added TypeItForMe
  • Added Magnet
  • Added MeetEdgar
  • Removed Hootsuite