Urmas’s House

Overlooking the Dreaming Spires of the Isle of Scholars, Urmas’s house stands on the Svart’s northern bank near Vonya’s Span. The once-finely decorated three-storey town house has a faint air of dilapidation and neglect about it. Few people now visit the aged wizard and renown sage dwelling within, and that’s just how he likes it.

Cool Words for Gamers

Super, exciting news (for me)!

My new (and first) kindle (and print) book, Cool Words for Gamers is up on Amazon for pre-order (it releases Monday 25). Long term readers of this blog know I love crazy, obscure words and Cool Words of Gamers is the culmination of my quest to seek them out wherever I can. If you are interested in seeing which words are in the book, click here and scroll down.

The Wrecks

Where the ramshackle and slimy, sagging wharfs redolent with decay cluster thickly together against the Svart’s muddy, slick bank gather the ferociously independent and inbred Takolen. A singular air of ruin and decay hangs heavily over the rotting wharves and the festering, stinking boats moored alongside or grounded in the shallow water thick with silt, seaweed and jetsam.

Why Preparing for a Game Session is Like Facing the School Bully

I rushed out of class, Amorphis’ Tales from a Thousand Lakes blasting on my headphones. My schoolbag, covered in a menagerie of metal band patches, dragged low to the ground. I didn’t recall much from last hour’s math teachings, as my mind was on a totally different plane, thinking about how my players had just unlocked the clue to enter the next dungeon.