The Fishambles

The Fishshambles sprawls along the waterfront to the north of Cheap Street. Here a tangled, reeking labyrinth of narrow, tenebrous alleys—punctuated by a few wider roads—runs down to the Svart and the network of rickety wharfs and jetties jutting from its southern bank. A few folk maintain totteringly decrepit warehouses, hard against the docks; most such locations are used for nefarious activities such as smuggling. At least two are under the thieves’ guild’s control.

Skull & Shackles #1: Damn that Rum!

It was night and the Formidably Maid was heaving. Set hard upon the docks in Port Peril this pirate-haunted tavern was blessed with the final performance of the Buccaneer Bards—a travelling troupe of performers led by the handsome, charismatic and skilled Vilimzair Aralivar a noted performer of sea shanties and other rousing tunes.