The Next Generation

Borderland of Adventure: The Next Generation

In early 579, a neophyte party of adventurers gathered on Ratik’s southern border in the town of Piren’s Bluff to explore Valentin’s Folly, a ruined castle otherwise known as the Shadowed Keep on the Borderland. The crumbling ruin had once been home to Valentin Ironwolf – a famed adventurer of old who had died at his enemies’ hands 40 years ago.

The adventuring party comprised:

  • Kethaith Azathal (male half-elf cleric 1)
  • Baelvain Thareth (male elf magus 1)
  • Urbren Glitterheart (female halfling rogue 1)
  • Kyras (male half-elf fighter 1)
  • Fang (male half-orc barbarian 1)

What Has Gone Before

The keep had been cleared of monsters in late 577/early 578 (sessions #12-17 of the main campaign) by the adventurers who would become known as the Heroes of the Loftwood. The ruin had been gifted to one of the heroes, Klara, for her part in throwing back the orcish invasion later that year. However, Klara had fallen into disfavour with the local lords shortly thereafter amid accusations of betrayal and had disappeared after his one-time companion Oreal Nanther forced the issue with the Iron Council.

Thereafter, the keep had remained empty. Inevitably, monsters and bandits once again crept back into the ruins to threaten the surrounding area.


A close reading of the session summaries in conjunction with those of my main Borderland of Adventure campaign shows I’m running the Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands “as is” even though this location has already been cleared in the main campaign. I’m personally not seeing this as a huge problem as the characters in this campaign are unlikely to join the main campaign any time soon. It’s also fun to have the events in my main campaign spawn a spin-off.

Session Summaries

Find here the campaign’s session summaries. I’ll be posting these at irregular intervals – mainly because we play at irregular intervals!

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands

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