What Can Raging Swan Press Do For You?

This question occurred to me the other day. It’s a crazy simple one, but one I’m not sure I’ve directly asked before.


I believe Raging Swan Press produces supplements and adventures to help time-poor GMs run better, less stressful and more immersive games, but I could be wrong (or I could be missing something blindingly obvious).

So—let me ask you: what can Raging Swan Press do for you?

Let me know, in the comments below.


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Creighton is the publisher at Raging Swan Press and the designer of the award winning adventure Madness at Gardmore Abbey. He has designed many critically acclaimed modules such as Retribution and Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands and worked with Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Expeditious Retreat Press, Rite Publishing and Kobold Press.

11 thoughts on “What Can Raging Swan Press Do For You?”

  1. Sir,

    Maybe the question is “What has Raging Swan done for you” Well my anwser is thus
    1. Lots of things that can trigger a barroom brawl or one in progress
    2. What is being served at any type of inn ie Good, Poor etc.
    3. Great entounters in any terrian
    4. Great Weather encounters
    5. Very interesting (How be it) low level NPC’s
    6. And what about all those very interesting places like Longbridge (ran some of my players through it and at the end they want to burnn it to the ground lol).
    So those are but a few things that you my dear fellow has given GM’s (myself included) new hooks and idea’s to get my players reason to play. BTW I am doing my campain in the City-State of The Invinicable Overlord.

  2. Not sure about scope of products you’re asking about. But what I would like someone to produce is a West Marches (http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/79/grand-experiments-west-marches-part-2-sharing-info/) style sandbox where the region has centuries of __detailed layered hidden__ history that the PCs can discover. And as Ben states, “But there was history and interconnected details. Tidbits found in one place could shed light elsewhere. Instead of just being interesting detail, these clues lead to concrete discoveries if you paid attention. If you deciphered the runes in the depths of the dwarven mines, you could learn that the exiles established another hidden fortress in the valleys to the north. Now go look for it. Or maybe you’ll learn how to get past the Black Door or figure out what a “treasure beyond bearing” actually is. Put together the small clues hidden all across the map and you can uncover the big scores, the secret bonus levels.”

    All the sandbox products I’m aware about (ex: City-State of The Invinicable Overlord, Hex Crawl Chronicles, etc) the locations are either very independent of each other, the history lack hooks, or the region is not wilderness enough.


  3. Hi Creighton,

    Thank you for asking.

    This may be a bit controversial, so feel free to delete and respond privately if you prefer.

    I am purely interested in classic D&D 5e.

    What I have found most useful since I got back into active DMing last September, some of which were from you:
    * The GAZxx gazetteers of Mystara from TSR (now WotC)
    * Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands (though I’ve had to convert it for 5e)
    * Your XXX Dressing series of background colour and descriptions – I think I have the full set in POD
    * A list of 100 books with title and synopsys (from someone else) – great colour for a
    * A list of random notes to find – gave me some great campaign hook ideas
    * A table of ways characters might know each other which I drew up myself – each character rolls on the table for another character and then builds up a back story around that
    * A table of rumours for the characters to pick up
    * Several lists of names of different races such as Celtic, Arabian, Roman, Greek, … for giving to NPCs from different countries to make them feel local
    * A list of strange words suitable for magic item control words

    Things I have received as a Patreon I appreciate:
    * Lists of things to find (e.g. 20 things to find in a dwarven mine)
    * The series of lairs suitable for single-night adventures, for when I need something in a hurry and don’t have much time to prepare

    Other things which might be useful:
    * Interesting NPCs, human, humanoid and other (c.f. Xanathar, or a Lamia who runs a den of iniquity, or…)
    * Generic encounter locations of different quality levels I can drop into anywhere, such as pubs, businesses (e.g. armourers, herbalists, adventuring item stockists, stables, blacksmiths), market stalls, fair attractions+
    * Lists of things for sale with prices
    * Exotic ingredients for magic items which might need a quest
    * Songs which might be being sung in pubs of different levels

    +I put together a fair for one of my campaigns; I’d be happy to talk with you about working this one up

    A couple of things I don’t find use for, certainly not at the frequency with which they appear, which has several times made me wonder whether to cancel my Patreon:
    * The Village Backdrops
    * The Places of Power

    I joined your Patreon to support your writers and for the lists and lairs. I don’t need several new backdrops a month, and since I pay per supplement, I have to pay for these in order to support your writers and the supplements I do want.

    Happy to discuss this further by email.



    1. This is a great list. Thank you, Melestrua. I think you’ll be happy with our inbound plans. The Places of Power line comes to an end next week. I’m replacing it with a line called–for the next seven months or so–Languard Locations. Each instalment presents 8-12 locations for use with the city of Languard. however, they are also written with an eye to compatibility with almost any town or city in a GM’s campaign. The first instalment is done and will be out next month.

      As to your other suggestions, I’ll digest them and have a ponder. I very much enjoy the list/dressing articles and products we publish. Have you been enjoying the Monstrous Lairs?

      (And–of course–thank you for being part of our Patreon campaign!)

  4. More items and clothing ideas? More random trinkets and dead body stuff lists? I like having STUFF in my games to make things interesting but i sometimes cant come up with ideas beyond what i normally like

  5. I would like to see more dark adventures. More low level gems like retribution would be welcomed, but mid- to high level adventures could be interesting.

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