Campaign Toolbox

I’ve been running my Borderland of Adventure campaign now for the best part of three years. During that time, I’ve run dozens of adventures and used loads of sourcebooks.

I thought you might find a list of such resources handy. To keep it super clear, I’ve broken down the books  into three categories.


The main Borderland of Adventure campaign allows more rules options for players than does the Shattered Star mini-campaign. The Shattered Star is essentially a core-only campaign (mainly for my own sanity). However, the main campaign uses the following books:


I set my campaign in the World of Greyhawk so it should be no surprise to see a lot of Greyhawk supplements on the list below. However, I also use several Paizo supplements to detail specific places within the campaign.


I’ve run dozens of adventures and side quests in the campaign. Some have been of my own creation, while others are commercially available. Here’s the list of ones you can buy:

Got Any Suggestions?

Do you know of any super cool supplements that would enhance my campaign? If you do, please let me know in the comments below so I can check them out.