The Shattered Star

The Shattered Star

What Has Gone Before

A band of heroes returned to Ratik with ominous news. Having met with the evil dragon Vesicwyr, and after months of hard trekking and adventure, they now knew the identity of the shadowy figure behind the recent spate of attacks on Ratik: the death knight Monduiz Dephaar.

This news is not yet commonly known by the populace; the Swordlords guessing (probably correctly) that such news could spark panic amongst the populace. But such a dire threat must be countered, and thus the Swordlords cast about for some weapon, device or stratagem to aid them in their defence against Lord Monduiz Dephaar and his shadowy master, the dread demon lord Demogorgon.

Sadly, the Heroes of the Loftwood and their companions are too high profile for such a quest — the enemy knows them or at least their reputations and their disappearance would likely be noticed in Lord Dephaar’s dismal castle perched deep in the eastern Blemu Hills. (Also, they’ll be dealing with their own problems when we return to their story…)

Enter the PCs. As fledgling adventurers of good standing they have been surruptiously chosen for what seems like an innocuous task of small importance. What they discover, however, will propel them into an epic quest across the eastern Flanaess to recover the seven parts of an ancient Flan artifact with the power to weaken the link between Lord Dephaar and his master.

Shattered Star Adventure Path

The focus of this campaign within a campaign is the Shattered Star adventure path from Paizo, which I’ll be modifying to better fit Ratik and Greyhawk. Unlike the main stream of the campaign, the Shattered Star will use the medium advancement track. While I much prefer the slow advancement track, the Shattered Star is written with the medium advancement track in mind, and I really don’t want to have to modify every encounter. The point of using an adventure path (after all) is reduce my prep time to manageable levels!

Our Heroes

  • Karelia (NG female elf transmuter 11); currently polymorphed into a rat and lost somewhere on the planes
  • Cortona, Sword of Mercy (previously known as Peta) (LG male human paladin [Heironeous] 11); current polymorphed into a cat
  • Thaladan (LG male half-elf paladin [Heironeous] 11)
  • Vesleng (NG male half-orc druid [Obad-Hai] 11); currently a stone statue in the dungeon below Guiltspur
  • Shardane (NG female half-orc cleric [Pelor] 11)
  • Makani (LG male human rogue 11) currently a (broken) stone statue in the dungeon below Guiltspur
  • Ariquis Nythastyn (LG male elf sorcerer [draconic {bronze}] 5/dragon disciple 6)

The Missing & The Lost

  • Sarif Axeheart (LN male dwarf rogue 6) Left the party after being accused of various murders on the sinister island of Nal-Kashel.
  • Grooble Fizzlebottom III (CG male gnome cleric [Baravan Wildwanderer] 8) Left the party to draw away Demogorgon’s minions; whereabouts currently unknown.
  • Narfu Shalmstaff (LN male half-orc monk 4/rogue 2/druid 2) Left the party to draw away Demogorgon’s minions; whereabouts currently unknown.
  • Tristham Spicer (LG male human paladin [Heironeous] 4) Disappeared from the Mermaid’s Mistress in Lillywhite. Current whereabouts unknown.

The Fallen

  • Nylond Axeheart (NG male dwarf cleric [Muamman Duathal] 1) Slain by mites below the Crow piling.
  • Quinell (NG female elf bard 3) Slain by aquatic sinspawn deep below the Crow piling.
  • Aq Quyonlu (LG male human paladin [Heironeous] 5) Slain by a seugathi beneath the Lady’s Light.
  • Morden Cortez (CG male human fighter 4) Slain by a seugathi beneath the Lady’s Light.
  • Nok (LN male half-orc wizard [transmuter] 4) Slain by a seugathi beneath the Lady’s Light.
  • Kara Quyonlu (N female human sorcerer [undead] 5) Slain by a seugathi beneath the Lady’s Light.
  • Zainnis Wilmatyn (CG male human ranger 8) Slain by a wyvern in the Dark Forest and again by greater shadows lurking under Windsong Abbey.
  • Ausk Axe Ripper (LG male half-orc priest [Heironeous] 9) Ripped apart by vrock as he sealed the Doomsday Door below Winding Abbey.


Session Summaries

Use the links below to keep up with our adventures.

Shards of Sin

Shards of Sin (an adventure for 1st-4th level characters and part 1 of the Shattered Star adventure path) by Paizo

Carrion Hill

Carrion Hill (an adventure for 5th-level characters) is published by Paizo

Travel Interlude

This adventure was modified from one appearing in Plunder & Peril by Paizo.

Curse of the Lady’s Light

Curse of the Lady’s Light (an adventure for 5th-7th level characters and part 2 of the Shattered Star adventure path) by Paizo

From Shore to Sea

From Shore to Sea (an adventure for 6th-level characters by Paizo).

The Asylum Stone

The Asylum Stone (an adventure for 8th-10th level characters and part 3 of the Shattered Star adventure path) by Paizo

To Piren’s Bluff

Beyond the Doomsday Door

Into the Nightmare Rift


Notable NPCs

Below appears a list of notable NPCs with which the party have had contact. As the campaign develops, so this list will grow.


  • Ayala Javeski (female wererat human): Leader of the Tower Girls, Ayala escaped the Crow by extracting promises from the party that they would let her go free without hindrance.
  • Fester the Blight (male human): An odious, disease-ridden slum landlord living in Underbridge. Dislikes Nylond intensely as the dwarf tried to kill him.
  • Shel Heidmarch (female human): A retired adventuring who owns Heidmarch Manor in the Alabaster District. Hired the PCs to find Natalya Vancaskerkin. Known to move among Marner’s elite and to have great influence among the great and the good.
  • Koriah Azmeren (female half-elf): A famed adventurer; friend or acquaintance of Shel Heidmarch.
  • Natalya Vancaskerkin (female human): One-time street informer for Shel Heidmarch and member of the Tower Girls, Natalya was driven mad by the Shard of Pride. Found lurking in a dilapidated building in Underbridge she was defeated by the PCs and returned to Shel Heidmarch’s custody.
  • The Amazing Zograthy (male human): Street denizen and Harrow card reader, the Amazing Zograthy is also a pesh addict.

Kaer Maga

  • Abra Lopati (male human ranger): Member of the Duskwardens and the party’s guide on the Halflight Path. Slain by a shadow demon.
  • Gav Nahli (young human male): The party’s young guide in the City of Strangers. Possessed and then slain by a shadow demon.
  • Koifa (old female human): Librarian at the Therassic Spire.


  • Helena Mertien (female human): Once a Grey Maiden, Helena has joined the party after being betrayed by her fellows.
  • Markessa (female human): Captain of the Mermaid’s Mistress.
  • Maroux (female half-orc): Crotchety hermit living near the Lady’s Light.
  • Shiyara (female trifling cleric of Hextor): Warrior priestess aiding the party on their quest to Windsong Abbey.