Our Heroes

We’ve been playing for over 70 sessions. In that time, party members have come and gone. The current party roster comprises:

  • Ulmo Dexterpede: NG male halfling sorcerer (elemental [earth]) 6
  • Krorz: NE male half-orc rogue 4/fighter 1/cleric 1
  • Gerald: LG male human bard 4/ninja 1
  • Gorinar: NG male human cleric (Heironeous) 5
  • Rayne: LN female half-elf monk [zen archer] 3/sorcerer  [celestial {empyrial}] 1
  • Ghorm: LN male dwarf barbarian 5

Krorz By Matt Morrow

Additionally, other “off camera” party members of note include:

  • Adoven (LG male dwarf cleric 5): This original member of the party is resting in Ratikhill and preparing for the upcoming wedding of Prince Alain and Lady Evaleigh.
  • Belivar (NG male halfling summoner 4): This original party member has returned to his home in North Province to spare his fellows from the constant attacks of Hextorites seeking his death.
  • Oreal Nanther (CG male human aristocrat 2/ranger 3): Oreal is working on a private mission stemming from a terrible argument with Klara, a half-orc cleric who once adventured with the party.
  • Hemgor (LN male human fighter [phalanx soldier] 4): Hemgor was elevated to the nobility and gifted the barony of Tumbledown after rescuing Oreal Nanther from Xul Jarak. He no longer actively adventures.

As well as the above individuals, there are about a half-dozen or so minor party members who have spent an adventure or two in the group.

Slain party members:

  • Montagu (LN male halfling cleric [Urogalan] 4): Killed in the Night Realm by Tessarael the Undying, a powerful undead spellcaster
  • Delvier (CN male half-elf monk 1/barbarian 3/druid 1): Killed by a redcap in the cellars below Fangwood Keep.
  • Kemmo (LN male human [Bakluni] samurai [ronin] 2): Slain by orcs in Khandrukar while buying time for his friends to escape.
  • Dregak (LE male dwarf monk [monk of the four winds] 4): Slain in the Night Realm by a gnoll sorcerer’s lightning bolt.
  • Klar (CG male gnoll samurai [ronin] 4): Klar was slain battling the dragon cult in Deskpoint.
  • Skink (N male ratfolk ninja 5) Slain by Yorn the pirate king of Dekspoint during the party’s unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him.
  • Tzaran (N male human cleric (Ehlonna) 1/druid 5) Slain by Yorn the pirate king of Dekspoint during the party’s unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him.

And there you have it – a somewhat complete list of the party members to date. A final note, some of the information above is slightly inaccurate as not all the PCs are totally honest about their exact class mix.The above is what is generally assumed by their fellow adventurers.

4 thoughts on “Our Heroes”

  1. Good to see how a long term survives or doesn’t. Though I am a little mystified by this “some of the information above is slightly inaccurate as not all the PCs are totally honest about their exact class mix.”


  2. How do you “control” the diverse alignment with these heroes? I have enough trouble between my Lawful player and my Chaotic players. I can’t imagine the dynamic with evil and good.

    1. I’m lucky that I have a pretty much self-regulating bunch of players who are mature and friends with each other. I rarely have to step in on alignment issues. When I do, it’s just gently reminding people that everyone needs to have fun and everyone needs to work together to find a way forward. That’s normally enough. That said, we have lost a couple of disruptive players over the last three years.

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