5 Easy Ways to Make Your Combats More Dynamic and Exciting

Struggling figures swarm over the doomed ship’s deck as huge waves break over its side. Caught on barely submerged rocks, which have ripped its bottom out, the ship begins to break up as the PCs battle a group of monstrous, depraved cultists struggling to open an extra-planar gate through which their be-tentacled master will enter the world!

Why Preparing for a Game Session is Like Facing the School Bully

I rushed out of class, Amorphis’ Tales from a Thousand Lakes blasting on my headphones. My schoolbag, covered in a menagerie of metal band patches, dragged low to the ground. I didn’t recall much from last hour’s math teachings, as my mind was on a totally different plane, thinking about how my players had just unlocked the clue to enter the next dungeon.