How Should I Prepare For My Sandbox Campaign?

Next month, we are restarting my Adventures in Shadow campaign, set in Gloamhold. (Hooray!) The campaign is going be much more of a sandbox campaign than we’ve recently run, and this presents a minor problem for me as I love to be super prepared for the game. So I thought I’d ask you, how do you prepare for a sandbox game?

Help me prepare my game, by leaving your advice in comments in the below.


Update #1: September’s 30,000 Word Challenge and the Forsaken Demesne

At the end of last week, I blogged about the Forsaken Demesne of the Demon’s Cultists and my September 30,000-word challenge. Loads of people asked be kept apprised of my progress and so without further ado, I give you my first update!

First Thoughts: How Playing 2nd Edition AD&D is Different to Playing Pathfinder

As you’ve may know, I’ve recently started a (sporadic) 2nd edition AD&D campaign—Gloamhold: Adventures in Shadow. After only the first few sessions, I’ve been struck how the game play differs to our normal Pathfinder game.