Heroic Maps Caption Competition Now Live!

Heroic Maps are celebrating their 5th birthday over at Patreon with a caption competition that could net you a prize worth several hundred dollars!

Win the caption competition and get a free battle map commission of your own design!

There’s a catch, though…I’m the judge! So if you think you can amuse a middle-aged, English gentleman with an odd–some would say warped– sense of humour, head over to Heroic Map’s Patreon page and have a go!

Good luck!


+14 Stats of Jealousy

I run an occasional weekend Pathfinder game for my son and his friends. The last session ended in disaster when they all died horrible deaths at the hands of a pack of zombies led by a depraved goblin priest.

One of the players had his revenge, though, when he rolled up these stats (witnessed by three other players and an increasingly annoyed GM)…

Of course, one of the other players immediately offered to buy the stats.

Damn, I wished I thought of that…

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