Skull & Shackles #1: Damn that Rum!

It was night and the Formidably Maid was heaving. Set hard upon the docks in Port Peril this pirate-haunted tavern was blessed with the final performance of the Buccaneer Bards—a travelling troupe of performers led by the handsome, charismatic and skilled Vilimzair Aralivar a noted performer of sea shanties and other rousing tunes.

Why Preparing for a Game Session is Like Facing the School Bully

I rushed out of class, Amorphis’ Tales from a Thousand Lakes blasting on my headphones. My schoolbag, covered in a menagerie of metal band patches, dragged low to the ground. I didn’t recall much from last hour’s math teachings, as my mind was on a totally different plane, thinking about how my players had just unlocked the clue to enter the next dungeon.

The Raging Swan Press Store!

After seven years, Raging Swan Press has finally got its own online shop. Hooray!



We’ll be adding lots more content in the following weeks, but already we’ve got 30+ PDFs and even a couple of brand-spanking new poster maps ready and awaiting for your gaming pleasure.

If you lust after a poster of Gloamhold’s benighted depths or the storied Duchy of Ashlar ready for framing (or use at the table) head on over and check them out.

The good news is that having our own store gives us much more flexibility to offer niche products, short-run bundle deal and more. To keep up with all the news about our shop, sign up to our newsletter today!

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