2% Campaign Prep is Awesome

I love gaming, and I love GMing. GMing, sadly, is a time-consuming hobby. Beyond actually running game night, GMing requires a decent amount of preparation. Sometimes getting ready for the game can take longer than the session itself! That’s not ideal as, like you I expect, I’m a busy chap. Luckily, I’ve recently been testing a new plan to crush my GM prep woes and make my campaign more awesome.

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What Does an Old-School Village Need?

It’s no secret, I like the old-school style of play. It’s what I grew up with (a long time ago) and it suits my insane desire to roll my characters’ stats and manage my resources. I am that cool.

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10 Trivial Choices to Death

We sadly had the first death in my Adventures in Shadow campaign recently (in session 017: Death in the Darkness). Brave Toliyrath—wizard about town and one-time rope merchant—was crushed and burnt to death by a crystal ooze in the sunken tunnels below the ruined village of Greystone. His death was entirely avoidable and pointless.


How did ten trivial choices lead to death? Check it out!

To Read Aloud, or Not to Read Aloud: that is the Question

As part of my ongoing design of Gloamhold and its innumerable shadow-drenched, doom-shrouded halls I’ve been thinking deeply about the nuts and bolts of adventure design. Here, I’m not talking about what monsters lurk where or what treasures they might guard. I’ve done that top-level plotting about the dungeon’s various denizens.

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