The Gloamhold Look

A subtle and ancient curse of great potency and malignancy lurks within Gloamhold’s gloomy, dust-shrouded halls. Curiously, it seems only those who dwell in the world of men—humans, elves, dwarves and the like—fall prey to its malign influence. Those accustomed to living underground in the permanent dark of the ancient fortress’s ebon reaches appear immune to its effect.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Gloamhold: Sample Adventuring Bands

The PCs are not the only adventurers exploring Gloamhold. At any one time, a dozen or more groups might be active in and around the dungeon. Such groups are not necessarily hostile toward the PCs, but neither must they also be friendly. An encounter with such a group could slow down the PCs’ progress through the dungeon and—at the least—offer a chance for some role-playing.


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