The Raging Swan Megabundles are Back!

Epic news–the Raging Swan Press megabundles are back for Christmas. And this year, we are doing something different.

We’ve got two megabundles for you–one is a PDF of our 40 biggest and best Pathfinder PDFs. The other is a print bundle of our six most popular Pathfinder hardback books!

The hardback print bundle can be yours for only $99.95 (that’s a 33% discount off the retail price of $149.96).



The PDF bundle can be yours for only $29.95. (that’s a 93% discount off the $454.52 retail price).



These bundles are an unbelievable bargain. We’ve never offered print products at such a steep discount and the PDFs offer unprecedented value.

Happy bundling!

The Thingonomicon Proofs Are Here!

I had a nice surprise in the post yesterday–the first proof copies of the Thingonomicon! Behold:

Shortly available in both softcover and hardback. (It’s ages since Raging Swan Press did a hardcover) The Thingonomicon collates almost 200 pages of 20 Things-style lists ready for use in your game!

As an experiment, we went with higher quality paper for these books and it looks (and feels) really nice.

Hopefully, I won’t find any problems during my proofing of the proofs!


Are You a Multi-classed Father?GM?

We are running a Father's Day sale at the Raging Swan Press store!

Are you a multi-classed father/GM? I’m a father and a GM (although seeing as I was a GM first I am more accurately described as “male human GM/father”) and I’ve had the privilege and enjoyment of sharing my hobby and passion with my sons (the eldest of whom is now a three-year veteran of our Wednesday night campaign). 

That’s why Raging Swan Press is running a Father’s Day sale this weekend. If you are a Father and you’ve been thinking about sharing your hobby with your children, this is the perfect weekend to start. And I encourage you to do so with Shunned Valley of the Three Tombs a Pathfinder introductory adventure). Simply enter “fathersday” (without the quotes) during check out at the Raging Swan Press store to take 25% off your entire order. Alternatively, follow this link to have the discount applied automatically.

Gaming has given me so much and I’m beyond chuffed (English for happy and proud) to share it with my family. I hope you are as lucky.

(Also–don’t forget, even during the sale you still earn free gps at the store to spend on future purchases.)