Raisa’s Curios

One of the best known establishments on Cheap Street, Raisa’s Curios fills the first three floors of a tottering four-storey townhouse. Known throughout the city, Raisa’s Curios is one of those places adventurers often come to browse in hopes of finding something interesting or valuable among the junk and bric-a-brac.

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The Dreaming Spires

Languard’s Dreaming Spires—or sometime simply “the Spires”—is the greatest seat of learning in the Duchy and its only university. Sprawling over the Alina’s Isle, the Dreaming Spires stands in splendid isolation from the stink and clamour of the city. Only reachable by boat, it is here those desirous of learning come.

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Vonya’s Span

The only bridge spanning the Svart, Vonya’s Span—or “the Span” as it is colloquially known—is a prominent city landmark. Comprising three great stone arches, it stands at the point the Svart widens on its journey toward the sea. It marks the spot beyond which ocean-going vessels cannot pass.

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Fane of the Waves Eternal

Overlooking the Svart’s tidal estuary, the Fane of the Waves Eternal is dedicated to the Mistress of Storms (Serat, CN goddess of the sea, Storms and Voyages). Here her worshippers bathe in the daily high tides and give thanks for the sea’s unending bounty.

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Watcher’s Spire

The home of Darlen’s faithful in Languard, the Watcher’s Spire—also known as Champion’s Abbey—is a heavily fortified temple complex in the north of the city. Girded by 20 ft. walls—and actually part of Languard’s city wall in places—it is an integral part of the city’s defences. Here dwell Darlen’s militaristic followers, in a perpetual state of readiness.

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