Update #1: September’s 30,000 Word Challenge and the Forsaken Demesne

At the end of last week, I blogged about the Forsaken Demesne of the Demon’s Cultists and my September 30,000-word challenge. Loads of people asked be kept apprised of my progress and so without further ado, I give you my first update!

Languard Locations: The Orc’s Head

Cut from a chunk of local limestone and set above the tavern’s front door, the luridly carved face of an orc identifies this place as the infamous Orc’s Head. Notorious throughout the duchy as the haunt for adventurers preparing to dare Gloamhold’s depths, the Orc’s Head is a place of tall tales and hard drinking. Decent folk rarely venture inside.

First Thoughts: How Playing 2nd Edition AD&D is Different to Playing Pathfinder

As you’ve may know, I’ve recently started a (sporadic) 2nd edition AD&D campaign—Gloamhold: Adventures in Shadow. After only the first few sessions, I’ve been struck how the game play differs to our normal Pathfinder game.