Raisa’s Curios

One of the best known establishments on Cheap Street, Raisa’s Curios fills the first three floors of a tottering four-storey townhouse. Known throughout the city, Raisa’s Curios is one of those places adventurers often come to browse in hopes of finding something interesting or valuable among the junk and bric-a-brac.


As well as selling all manner of things, Raisa also offers moneychanging and pawn services. Rumours suggest (untruly) she has links with the Shadow Masks, and these anger her. Consequently, she is scrupulously honest in her dealings in an attempt to prove the rumours wrong. She maintains a strong vault of sorts hidden in her private quarters on the fourth floor. Favoured customers can store items here for a small fee. The vault contains items left by several customers who have subsequently disappeared in Gloamhold’s depths. At some point, if no one claims them, they’ll find their way onto the shop floor.

Notable Folk

Raisa employs a staff of three young, brawny men—Mikko, Tuukka and Viljo—to tend her shop and many folk can be found here browsing her wares. Notable folk at the shop include:

  • Raisa Ojanen (NG middle-aged female human wizard 2): Raisa was once an adventurer, but a near-death experience—coupled with the realisation she could make good money as a dealer in curios—led to her retirement. She is happy to part fools from their money, but respects intelligence. Raisa likes to chat with her customers and often shares stories from her adventuring days. In truth, these tales are normally other people’s stories and so their veracity is doubtful. Still, careful listeners may be able to gain some useful nuggets of information.
  • Mikko Leino (LN male human fighter 1): Bearded and swarthy, Mikko often follows customers he thinks look dodgy around the shop. He think he is subtle; he is not. For Mikko, dodgy customers include anyone visiting the shop for the first time. And halflings—all halflings.
  • Tuukko Takala ( N male human thief 2): Half Takolen, Tuukko hides his heritage to avoid prejudice about those dwelling in the Wrecks. Raisa has guessed the truth of his birth, but has not yet confronted him. Tuukko is fiercely loyal to Raisa and does not steal from customers or the shop. Of late, though, he has begun to consider trying his hand at a spot of late-night burglary.
  • Viljo Hafeltyrr (CG male half-elf fighter 1/wizard 1): Viljo is happy-go-lucky and irritatingly cheerful. He loves working at the shop and has a prodigious memory for where particularly interesting items are stored.

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