Watcher’s Spire

The home of Darlen’s faithful in Languard, the Watcher’s Spire—also known as Champion’s Abbey—is a heavily fortified temple complex in the north of the city. Girded by 20 ft. walls—and actually part of Languard’s city wall in places—it is an integral part of the city’s defences. Here dwell Darlen’s militaristic followers, in a perpetual state of readiness.


The complex’s main feature is a stout, massively fortified donjon upon which stands a slender watch tower fully 50 ft. high. From it’s battlemented roof, sentinels keep watch over Languard’s western seaward approaches.

Much smaller than the nearby Father’s Hall, the relative size of the two compounds speaks volumes as to the two sects’ political power and influence. While Darlen’s faithful are ever-watchful against evil’s rise, they have little influence over the commonfolks’ day-to-day life, many of whom see them as an irrelevance.

Notable Folk

Many of the folk found at the Watchers’ Spire are essentially normal people. A few, however, are notable:

  • Lady Protector Varma Nikkonen (LG middle-aged female human paladin 5/cleric 3) Now grey around the temples, the Lady Protector is still a formidable warrior. She chafes at the common folk’s opinion of the order and yearns for some great battle or test to prove her followers’ worth. She is a skilled diplomat beloved by the common folk (even if her order is not).
  • Irina Vitikka (LG female human paladin 5) A rising star among the Darlenites, Irina is widely acknowledged as one of Darlen’s greatest champions of recent years. She is particularly well travelled, and knows the duchy well. Recently returned to Watcher’s Spire from Tor Abbey she spends much time at prayer waiting for a sign from her divine patron.


Darlen’s faithful are ever vigilant—some might say too vigilant—against evil’s rise. While they are a force for good, some can be a little too quick to judge and see evil where it is not.

All too aware of the lurking aura of evil pervading Gloamhold’s halls the faithful keep a particular eye on adventurers frequently plumbing its depth. Church agents may question the adventurers on their return and even preach to them to keep them safe from Gloamhold’s encroaching darkness.

Alternatively, the party might go to Darlen’s followers for aid—perhaps healing and the like—after a delve. Aid will not be without cost—even for a fellow adherent. Such payment will likely entail some form of service that keeps the party away from Gloamhold so any influence it has over them may diminish with time.


Languard is the capital city of Ashlar and closest settlement of note to Gloamhold’s benighted halls. This is a first look at the location, which will appear in its final form in Town Backdrop: Languard which will be published by Raging Swan Press in early 2018.

For more Languard, check out the city’s main page!


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