High Market

In contrast to Low Market, High Market is well ordered and regulated. Here, stand neat rows of tented stalls ready to receive wealthy patrons who can browse freely without fear of thievery or assault.


By ancient gift, family Pasanen—a commoner family—owns the land upon which High Market stands. Consequently, although they are obliged to pay a hefty tax on their income to the ducal family, they have grown exceedingly affluent. (In fact, they may be the wealthiest commoner family in the duchy). To protect their revenue, the Pasanens recruit guards to patrol the market and consequently this is one of the safest places in Languard.

All manner of fine and expensive goods are for sale in High Market. Many of the city’s most skilled crafters maintain stalls here, staffed by their apprentices and servants, from which to sell their merchandise and hawk their services.

Notable Folk

Many people visit or work in High Market. Some notable examples include:

  • Reima Sianio (LN old male human fighter 2): The longest-serving guard in High Market, Reima is a beloved fixture of the place. His duties are now really honorific rather than actual, but he still wanders the aisles using his spear as a walking stick. His knowledge of the market is unrivalled, making him a useful person to know.
  • Virpi Korpela (N female human): Virpi has ideas above her station (or so her rivals think). A clothier by trade, she has a stall in Low Market, but desperately wants to expand to High Market. When the PCs encounter her, she has just been denied a booth and is angry; she has invested much of her savings in a shipment of fine cloth and now has nowhere to sell it.


Although High Market is much safer and more genteel than Low Market, adventure can still find the PCs as they browse the stalls.

  • The PCs witness a rare crime in High Market and intervene. The victim, Aaro Ahokas, is grateful to the PCs and could be a valuable contact for them in the future.
  • The PCs are approached by a middle-aged woman, Kirsti Purho, selling a magical dagger so she can settle her husband’s debts. She doesn’t want to sell the blade as it is a family heirloom but feels she has no choice. She has approached the PCs because they are not part of Languard’s “high society” and thus—she hopes—the transaction will stay private.


Languard is the capital city of Ashlar and closest settlement of note to Gloamhold’s benighted halls. This is a first look at the location, which will appear in its final form in Town Backdrop: Languard which will be published by Raging Swan Press in early 2018.

For more Languard, check out the city’s main page!


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