33 Reasons You Should Have Joined Raging Swan’s Patreon in 2018

Dressing, detail and flavour can elevate your game. Role-playing is a game of the imagination and anything you as a GM can do to help your players dive into your campaign world and suspend their disbelief is a good thing.

That’s why every month, patrons supporting Raging Swan Press at the $2 and up level get a free copy of that month’s 20 Things instalment and both monthly instalments in the Monstrous Lairs line.

In 2018, patrons who supported us for the whole year got free copies of:

  • 20 Things #22: Ocean Voyage
  • 20 Things #23: Fallen Dwarven Hold
  • 20 Things #24: Sun-scorched Desert
  • 20 Things #25: Curio Shop & Pawnbrokers
  • 20 Things #26: Townsfolk & Villagers
  • 20 Things #27: Ruined Castle
  • 20 Things #28: Travellers’ Inn
  • 20 Things #29: Lich’s Lair
  • 20 Things #30: Orc Village
  • 20 Things #31: Blue Dragon’s Lair
  • 20 Things #32: White Dragon’s Lair


  • Monstrous Lair #1: Owlbear Den
  • Monstrous Lair #2: Troll Cave
  • Monstrous Lair #3: Ogre’s Cave
  • Monstrous Lair #4: Goblin Raiding Camp
  • Monstrous Lair #5: Harpy’s Nest
  • Monstrous Lair #6: Minotaur’s Den
  • Monstrous Lair #7: Giant Spider’s Web
  • Monstrous Lair #8: Ghoul Nest
  • Monstrous Lair #9: Wights’ Barrow
  • Monstrous Lair #10: Mummy’s Crypt
  • Monstrous Lair #11: Dark Creeper Village
  • Monstrous Lair #12: Medusa Lair
  • Monstrous Lair #13: Aboleth’s Sunken Cavern
  • Monstrous Lair #14: Lizardfolk Village
  • Monstrous Lair #15: Bandit Camp
  • Monstrous Lair#16: Thieves’ Hideout
  • Monstrous Lair#17: Witch’s Hovel
  • Monstrous Lair #18: Bugbears’ Lair
  • Monstrous Lair#19: Gnolls’ Camp
  • Monstrous Lair #20: Kobold Warren
  • Monstrous Lair #21: Pirates’ Cove
  • Monstrous Lair #22: Sahuagin’s Sunken Cave

That’s 55 pages of 20 Things and 48 pages of Monstrous Lairs for a total value of $58.85 completely free!

But more importantly than the money saved, these books helped busy GMs like you save time and bring the dungeons, towns, NPCs, wilderness treks and more in their campaign to life with virtually no effort.

So if you’d like to save your precious time and add detail and flavour to your game with free GM’s Resources from Raging Swan Press all you have to do is sign up to our Patreon campaign at the $2 or up level. Every month, you’ll get three free supplements from us as a thank you for your epic support.

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AMA #1: A Patreon Exclusive

I’ve just recorded and uploaded my first Patreon exclusive AMA. If you’d like to hear me answer questions dealing with Ashlar, Gloamhold and Raging Swan’s plans for 2019 sign up to our Patreon campaign at any level to get instant access to the audio file!

I enjoyed answering my patrons’ questions, and I can’t wait to record another one. If you have any questions you’d like answered, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to my list.

The Raging Swan Press Master Your Campaign Podcast

Something awesome happened earlier this week! Raging Swan Press’s Patreon campaign reached its next milestone. This means, the Raging Swan Press Master Your Campaign podcast will soon be a thing!

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The Forge on Patreon

Cartography and mapping are very much in my mind at that moment. I recently discovered an epic new mapping app for my iPad and created a map that wasn’t terrible. I’m hooked on mapping, but I’m also a busy GM. Luckily, there are many sources of ready-to-go maps on the internet.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

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