Languard Locations: Arlo’s Stones

Sullen, and consumed with jealousy and anger against anyone better off than himself, the jeweller Arlo Itkonen is a sycophant and frustrated social climber. A fixture of Low City, his heavily fortified shop is often sought out by adventurers selling their low-value loot.


Arlo’s stones has been broken into repeatedly over the years. Every new break-in spurs Arlo to invest in more and more security. He constantly complains of the cost of maintaining “his defences” and is perhaps one of the least trusting souls an adventurer is ever likely to encounter.

Arlo’s shop is on the ground floor of an old, narrow building overlooking Warrior’s Way. He has a heavily protected salesroom, workshop and vault in the cellar. (Here also dwell his gnomish workers). Arlo lives on the second floor of the building; the third floor is empty and abandoned due to a roof that periodically leaks (and which Arlo cannot afford to fix).

Notable Folk

Arlo employs two gnomes—sisters—Leneal and Uranal to craft the tawdry jewellery he sells to Low City’s denizens.

  • Arlo Itkonen (LN old male human expert 2): Bedevilled with delusions of grandeur and angry at his lot in life, Arlo is a frustrated social climber for folk of quality do not patronise his shop. He craves the attentions of Languard’s great and good but instead must make do with adventurers selling their loot and poor folk difficult to separate from their scarce wealth.
  • Leneal Owaen (N female gnome rogue 2): Leneal both crafts jewellery and maintains the shop’s locks and other defences. She is cheerful and loves city life—there is so much to see, do and “acquire”. She doesn’t steal from Arlo, though, as she knows it would anger Uranal.
  • Uranal Owaen (N female gnome illusionist 2): Bafflingly, Uranal is in love with Arlo. A skilled gemcutter and jeweller, she could easily set up in business on her own. She can’t be bothered with the nitty-gritty of running a business, though, and is content with her lot.


  • Adventurers off-loading loot discover Arlo drives a hard bargain and isn’t interested in stones worth more than about 50 gp (mainly because he won’t be able to sell it on).
  • The PCs witness Leneal committing a minor crime. If they follow her, she unwittingly leads them back to the shop (which might give the impression Arlo’s Stones is a thieves’ den).

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Arlo’s Stones appears in Languard Locations: Low City by Raging Swan Press.


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