The Next Generation #3: Watchtower of the Bandit Queen

At the end of last session, we left the party resting in Piren’s Bluff. The lust for treasure burned deep within them, though, and so they quickly decided to return to the Shadowed Keep. During their last foray, they had explored the ruined donjon. Now, they turned their attentions to the watchtower…

Borderland of Adventure: The Next Generation


After investigating the outside, and deciding the ground floor door was too obvious an entry point, they scaled the battlements and tried the upper door. Bursting into the room beyond, the party discovered a barracks room. Within laired several bandits that leapt to defend their home. Battle was joined! The fight swirled through the entire level of the tower. As the party fought the initial group of bandits, a fat half-orc woman attacked the party from the rear. Supported by two more bandits coming up the stairs, they effectively surrounded the party. Baelvain chose this moment to unleash a colour spray and although the Kethaith expended much of his healing magic the party were eventually victorious.

However, they had used many of their resources and decided to retreat to the ruined donjon before the rest of the bandits could muster a defence.

Reaching the donjon without challenge, they first went to the roof to spy on the watchtower. A sentry atop the roof spotted them and a brief, desultory archery duel ensued. No one was hurt and after a few exchanges, the party withdrew. Realising, the bandits were now ready and prepared for their attacks, the party decided to try their luck below the donjon.

Sadly, the stairs were trapped and Kyrus was badly burnt by a fire trap – two vials of alchemist’s fire hidden below a fallen door. Undeterred, the party continued downwards and discovered a large chamber at the bottom of the stairs.

Six goblins lurked in the chamber and a lively fight ensued. Several heroes were injured and Kethaith was forced to expend all his healing magic. Eventually triumphant, but with virtually no magic remaining, the party decided to retreat to town…


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Creighton is the publisher at Raging Swan Press and the designer of the award winning adventure Madness at Gardmore Abbey. He has designed many critically acclaimed modules such as Retribution and Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands and worked with Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Expeditious Retreat Press, Rite Publishing and Kobold Press.

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