Best Critical Hit Ever…

As you might recall, we’ve taken a break from our Skull & Shackles adventure path. Instead, another of the chaps is running a short goblin campaign (in which we all play murderous goblins).

We are having a blast.

For me, last week’s session had one absolutely memorable event. A not-quite-friendly rivalry has developed between two of the party—Chuffy (my character) and Yar (my son’d character)—but thus far the two goblins have really only traded insults.

During the session, the goblins decided to attack a halfling wedding party as they had a really big cake that we wanted.

As we approached stealthily, Chuffy climbed a wooden tower. Yar, seeing his opportunity, set the tower on fire! Chuffy had a problem, but luckily he’d recently had a big drink so urinated on the flames to put them out.

By this time, Yar had got distracted and decided to blow up some halflings (he is an alchemist). Rushing forward he threw a bomb at a seemingly doomed halfling. Inevitably, he rolled a natural 1 and the GM called for a deviation die roll.

Hilariously, the bomb bounced off the halfling and flew straight back at Yar!

The GM made Yar roll a touch attack against himself. He inevitably rolled a threat (which he then confirmed) and inflicted enough damage to knock himself out.

A few rounds later, Chuffy escaped the burning tower by jumping into the cake two of his “friends” was trying to run off with (it was a very big cake). Chuffy decided to help Yar, who might be bleeding to death. With no real medical training, Chuffy pondered (accidentally out loud) the wisdom of cauterising Yar’s burns…

It was a great session, but I fear our brave goblin marauders are not long for this world; for some baffling reason they don’t seem to be very good at working together…

Has a Critical Hit Gone Wrong For You?

Have you got a similar story of a disastrous (or hilarious) critical hit? Let me know, in the comments below!


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