How I Think About Levels and Slow Advancement

Many heroes walk the land in search of gold and glory. Just as many villains lurk in the shadows ceaselessly plotting their nefarious schemes. However, not all heroes (or villains) are equal.

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The Father’s Hall

The most impressive of Languard’s landmarks, The Father’s Hall is an immense structure—perhaps the largest in all Ashlar. Standing fully 70-foot tall it dwarfs the finely appointed townhouses of the wealthy and the various other places of worship scattered throughout the city.

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The Scythe

Standing on a dingy side street, a stylised sign of an oversized scythe cutting through an ankle spurting a ridiculous amount of blood marks this semi-reputable establishment. Run by its one-legged owner Arvo Outila (N old male human expert 2) this inn has operated under its current name since he purchased it 15 years ago after a horrendous accident on his farm. It doesn’t offer food or accommodation. This is a place to drink (often heavily) and listen to music.

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