I’m Starting a 5e Game: What Should I Know?

I’ve been a Pathfinder 1st Edition player and GM since the game released. I love the rich complexity of the game and the stories it allows you to tell and share with friends.

For all that, though, the idea of a 5e game has been growing in the back of my mind of late. Perhaps it’s the seductive (apparent) simplicity of the system and speed of play or perhaps it’s the rise of Pathfinder 2nd Edition that is prompting me to take the plunge coupled with my desire to play a game actively supported by its publisher. Whatever the reason, I can’t shake the feeling it’s time to try 5e again.

So—to the point of this article—if you play or run 5e, I’m after your advice.

Given I’m an old fart gamer/grognard of a certain vintage what should I know about 5e (beyond the rules) before starting to play? How do its assumptions and play style differ from Pathfinder or earlier editions of D&D? What am I going to find different (or perhaps problematic)?

If you’ve got any insights, or links to handy resources, please leave a comment below.

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Raging Swan Press has a New Blog!

Over the weekend, I set up a blog at the Raging Swan Press Store and I’ve already posted up a couple of articles for the busy GM. If you need resources for an adventure featuring bandits or an adventure set in an evil fane check them out!

Please let me know what you think about the new format of the dX articles. I’ve tried to keep them short and sweet so a GM could print them out and take them to the game while providing enough detail to be useful. Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment on one of the articles!

Raging Swan Press Turns Ten…Next Year!

Late last week, I realised I missed Raging Swan Press’s ninth anniversary. (Bad Creighton, naughty Creighton). Back in the dim and distant past that was 2010 we released out first product–the 1st-level adventure Retribution–sometime in March of that year.

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State of the Swan 2019

Last year was a year of both growth and change, for Raging Swan Press. Looking back over the last 12 months in some ways it’s been a more turbulent year than almost any other in Raging Swan Press’s eight-year history. That said, Raging Swan Press has managed to grow despite battling some pretty serious “headwinds”.  (Gosh, don’t I sound professional and businesslike!)

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