Gloamhold: Sample Adventuring Bands

The PCs are not the only adventurers exploring Gloamhold. At any one time, a dozen or more groups might be active in and around the dungeon. Such groups are not necessarily hostile toward the PCs, but neither must they also be friendly. An encounter with such a group could slow down the PCs’ progress through the dungeon and—at the least—offer a chance for some role-playing.



The Deep Delvers

Neophyte adventures, the Deep Delvers have done little but talk of adventuring in Gloamhold’s depths. Without sufficient funds to purchase their own boat, they have failed thus far to retain the services of a fisherman brave enough—and in their minds, trustworthy enough—to transport them across Hard Bay (and crucially, wait to bring them back).

  • Etune Lightstep (NG female halfling rogue 2): Well known in several of Languard’s lower-quality taverns inn and gambling dens, Etune is clever, witty, good with her hands and—seemingly—perpetually on the edge of destitution. She fancies herself a professional gambler, but in reality, she’s a popular opponent because she loses.
  • Aldal Garsten (NG male dwarf fighter 2):  A miner by trade (originally), Aldal has come to Languard to discover his cousin’s fate. Last seem exploring the ruins of Greystone along with his companions, Falgar Garsten was a warrior skilled with warhammer and shield. He disappeared six months ago and he—and his companions—have not been heard from since. The fisherman paid to wait for them reported hearing sounds of sustained battle, screams and then silence. Terrified, he fled back to Languard. Aldal chaffs at the delay in reaching Gloamhold and agitates for the party to find alternate employment to raise the sums required to purchase and outfit their own vessel.
  • Ylermi Rantanen (LG male human wizard [evoker] 1): Intelligent and quick witted, Ylermi has quickly progressed through the magical arts. Also, a moderately skilled jeweller, he—sadly—suffers from a certain shortness of breath that limits his adventuring activities. Never happier when blasting his enemies, however, he can’t wait to begin his career proper.
  • Firatis Natityrr (CG female half-elf bard 2): Perhaps the best-travelled of the Delvers, Firatis has visited every village and town of note in Ashlar over the last decade or so. Obsessed with gathering local lore, stories and songs Firatis can often be found in certain low-brow drinking establishments or at Languard’s gates regaling travellers with her songs. While not classically good looking, Firatis has cultivated a particularly confident and striking persona that plays well with the masses. She is the Delver’s spokeswoman and their public face.
  • Ilari Eskola (LG male human cleric [Darlen] 1): Ilari is fascinated by stone and building works of all sorts. He has spent weeks pouring over every aspect of Darlen’s cathedral in Languard and is intoxicated by stories of the Twilight City and its strange architecture. While his church duties keep him ever-busy, he has received the curate’s permission to travel to Gloamhold on condition he keeps an eye open for evidence of evil cults and sinister doings. Unbeknownst to himself, Ilari—strong, fit and wise—has been earmarked as a potential future member of the Order of the Watch Eternal.
  • Aune Pasanen (CG female wizard [universalist] 1): Born with a crippled right-arm, life has ever been hard for Aune. Blessed with a lively mind, and boundless enthusiasm for magic she was privately tutored by her father who had a small amount of magical skill. Aune sees magic as the tool through which she can live a full and vibrant life. Scatter-brained and easily distracted, she is nevertheless good-intentioned and is keen to discover what ancient secrets lie within Gloamhold’s depths. Secretly, she hopes her magical pursuits might one day give her the tools to repair her shattered arm. She tolerates Ylermi for the sake of group cohesion, but is easily frustrated by his tendency to blast first and ask questions later.

The Shining Fellowship

A skilled, well-established group, the Shining Fellowship have made over a dozen forays into Gloamhold’s shadow-drenched depths. While they have not recovered fabulous wealth or prized ancient artefacts they are notable in that thus far not a single member of the party has died. Several members of the group—Amallaemar, Elgal and Urmas most notably—have other interests beyond adventuring and thus the group’s forays are not particularly frequent.

The group gets its name from its members’ penchant for magical light, and their extensive employment of it on their adventures. Each of the group bears silver daggers wreathed in permanent magical light as well as several carefully concealed and similarly enscrolled coins and other tokens.

  • Amallaemar Uthliavar (NG female half-elf wizard 5): Amallaemar is a bit of a mystery to her companions. She arrived in Ashlar a decade ago and has slowly made a name for herself as a competent wizard and spellcaster for hire. From her first year in Languard, she become intrigued with Gloamhold and its legends, but was in no rush to explore the place until she found a suitable group of companions to protect her wellbeing. As well as her arcane studies, Amallarmar loves to sculpt and is skilled at creating small, incredibly detailed figurines. Recently, she has begun experimenting with imbuing her sculptures with arcane power. While she has yet to master the process, she is becoming increasingly excited at the prospect or success. Thus far, she has not joined the Sagacious Masters of the Eldritch Nexus, but when her experimentations bear fruit she will apply for membership.
  • Elgal Torsten (NG male dwarf rogue 6): A wanderer, before turning to the life of an adventurer, Elgal served several lords as an engineer and builder, overseeing various building projects. Thus, he has several friends in high places who look favourably upon him. Blessed with a quick mind and quick hands, Elgal makes an excellent locksmith and trap disarmer. Elgal is not a stereotypical dwarf; while he loves drink, he does not relish combat and would rather achieve his goals through stealth, cunning and planning. Since Leneal joined the group, he has begun to take more care over his appearance.
  • Urmas Lankinen (LG male human cleric [Darlen] 6): The group’s leader and spokesman, Urmas hails from Languard and is well known in the city’s temple. The son of an armourer, Urmas is wise and charismatic, and popular among his companions. He spends little time preaching or tending his flock; of the group he is the most motivated to plumb Gloamhold’s depths for he has come to realise that some terrible, lurking evil skulks therein.
  • Ogan (NG female half-orc cleric [Kalron] 3/fighter 2): A skilled flute player, Ogan was little more than street performer—albeit one whom thieves and pickpockets assiduously avoided—until she met and fell in love with Valto. His love awoke a fiery lust for life in her breast and she quickly fell to worshipping the hero-god Kalron. Together they form the nucleus of the group.
  • Valto Itkonen (CG male human fighter 6): Immensely strong and wild of temperament, Valto was a disaster as a merchant. Travelling with his father between Ashlar’s many villages, he lusted for more from life and chaffed at the boredom of buying and selling. When bandits attacked their caravan near Ashford, Valto discovered his true calling. Shortly thereafter, he abandoned the life of a merchant for one of adventure. Drawn to Languard he quickly met Ogan, with whom he fell in love.
  • Leneal Ningel (NG female gnome druid 4): The newest member of the group—but not the youngest—Leneal hails from a small gnomish enclave overlooking the Selka River far to the south where the river tumbles out of the Forest of Grey Spires. The most private and shy of the group, she never-the-less has a wicked, but hard to appreciate, sense of humour that has occasionally got her into trouble. Secretly infatuated with Elgal, Leneal has so far refrained from terrorising the quiet dwarf with her worst (best) practical jokes.

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