Gloamhold: The Breathless Narrows

A network of flooded, fractured caverns radiate outwards from beneath the Murkwater. The water therein is only fractionally above freezing and explorers need magic to survive for any length of time in this airless, lightless world.


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Gloamhold: The Twisted Warrens

Honeycombing the rock above the Murkwater, the Twisted Warrens are a confused and convoluted network of (mostly) natural caverns and passageways inhabited by derro, troglodytes, dark creepers and worse. Strange aberrations of alien aspect stalk this nightmarish cave system, hinting at hidden, terrible connections to the Ebon Ream far below.


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Gloamhold: The Shard

Standing alone upon the highest point of the Mottled Spire, far above the ruins of Greystone, the Shard was once a lighthouse built to warn of the treacherous rocks and shoals lurking in the surrounding waters. However, its history is much older than that of Greystone or even of wall-girdled Languard standing proudly across the bay.


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