Happy Christmas!

I’m pausing my regular blogging schedule over the festive period to rest and recharge my batteries. While I’ll still be making sporadic posts—most likely Shattered Star session summaries (things are not going well for our heroes)—I’ll mostly be away until sometime in the first week of January. (My advice archives are–of course–still open for business).

A full normal schedule will resume on January 9.

Until then, I hope you have an excellent, relaxing holiday. And—of course—if you are gaming, I hope you crush your enemies and drive them before you. (Particularly if you are the GM…)

Gloamhold Updates

As part of my continuing quest to finish the Gloamhold Campaign Guide, I’m updating all the major dungeon areas to each fill a two-page spread. As part of that process, I’ve posted the following updates to the relevant pages on my blog.


The updates comprise:

  • Troglodyte Tribes of the Twilight City: Troglodytes are endemic to the Twilight City. In this section, I provide brief notes on four of the most notable tribes.
  • The Shoalstone: This dungeon isn’t actually part of Gloamhold, but explorers sometimes travel here to dream dark dreams about Gloamhold and to perhaps uncover previously forgotten or unknown lore about the dungeon. The Shoalstone appears on the Ashlar area map. Here’s a direct link to the area write-up.