Vongyth’s Fall

I’ve just posted up a brief history of the fall of Vongyth over at Gloamhold.com. Several of the party are dwarves hailing from the fallen hold and their long-term goal is to free it of whatever yet lurks within.

Thus, I thought it a good idea to present a potted history of the place’s fall.

You can check out the article here (or click the image above). While you are there (because I love paranoid players) why not leave your guess in the comments as to what yet lurks in the hold’s eternal darkness.


To Read Aloud, or Not to Read Aloud: that is the Question

As part of my ongoing design of Gloamhold and its innumerable shadow-drenched, doom-shrouded halls I’ve been thinking deeply about the nuts and bolts of adventure design. Here, I’m not talking about what monsters lurk where or what treasures they might guard. I’ve done that top-level plotting about the dungeon’s various denizens.

House Rules: Languages & Linguistics

Longterm readers of my blog will know I’m a fan of sane levels of realism in my games (as opposed to insane levels of realism). While D&D, Pathfinder and the like contain orcs, dragons and demons that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace a level of realism that makes the game better for the participants. (And by “better” I mean more enjoyable).

131,000 Design Word Challenge: January Update

It’s been a great month for the 131,000 Design Word Challenge–I hit roughly 33,101 words in January, which was somewhat higher than my 11,500-word target. The vast majority of these words came from Raging Swan Press supplements and adventures, while the rest came from blog posts and session summaries. The rough break down is:

  • Articles: 4,125
  • Session Summaries: 4, 354 words
  • Supplements and Adventures: 24,622

I’ve got a feeling I know how I’ve been so productive, and I’ll share more on my strategy and tactics in an upcoming post.

I’m not going to do a graph this month. I know this will disappoint some of you, but a graph with one column seems a tad pointless to me. Who knows what kind of graphical summary I will assail you with next month!

Onwards, to February