131,000 Design Word Challenge: March Update

Another month is over, and so I’m reporting on my 2019 131,000-design word challenge for March. Last month, I managed 28,623 words; this month I clocked up 34,382 which is substantially more than my 10,500-word target. Thus, I am content.

Behold a graph of my progress to date for the year!

Onto April (and if you are doing a similar challenge let me know how you are doing in the comments below).

The Illusion of Detail

In a large dungeon or megadungeon (such as Gloamhold) you (the GM) can never be perfectly prepared. No one has the time—or I suspect the patience—to prepare hundreds of different encounter areas.

I’ve posted a tidied up and re-organised edition of my old post The Illusion of Detail to Gloamhold.com.

Check it out and let me know how you add the illusion of detail into your dungeons!

What Gary Did For Me

It’s GM’s Day this week, which has—unsurprisingly—got me thinking about Gary Gygax, and how much I owe him. I’ve been gaming for 35 years, and roleplaying games have been one of the main parts of my life since I discovered them at the age of ten in my grandfather’s cellar. How the world turns.