Skull & Shackles #23: Under Dread Pirate Captain Vilimzair Aralivar

With Plugg and Scourge dead the party were—at long last—in control of the Man’s Promise. With the looting of the ship and swearing of everlasting loyalty to Dread Pirate Captain Vilimzair by the surviving pirates complete thoughts turned to the diseased members of the party.

Are You a Multi-classed Father?GM?

We are running a Father's Day sale at the Raging Swan Press store!

Are you a multi-classed father/GM? I’m a father and a GM (although seeing as I was a GM first I am more accurately described as “male human GM/father”) and I’ve had the privilege and enjoyment of sharing my hobby and passion with my sons (the eldest of whom is now a three-year veteran of our Wednesday night campaign). 

That’s why Raging Swan Press is running a Father’s Day sale this weekend. If you are a Father and you’ve been thinking about sharing your hobby with your children, this is the perfect weekend to start. And I encourage you to do so with Shunned Valley of the Three Tombs a Pathfinder introductory adventure). Simply enter “fathersday” (without the quotes) during check out at the Raging Swan Press store to take 25% off your entire order. Alternatively, follow this link to have the discount applied automatically.

Gaming has given me so much and I’m beyond chuffed (English for happy and proud) to share it with my family. I hope you are as lucky.

(Also–don’t forget, even during the sale you still earn free gps at the store to spend on future purchases.)

Help Me Buy the Games I Crave!

As you might know, I’m off to UK Games Expo later this week. I’m worried the trade hall’s ebon tentacles* will enfold me in their crushing embrace and that I won’t be able to escape without a gigantic pile of shiny new games and supplements.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


*That said, everything is better with tentacles (as we all know)!

I, therefore, need your help. To head off a wife-based explosion (and a potential testicles in blender scenario), I’m running a sale at the Raging Swan Press shop to help offset my (inevitable) upcoming purchases.

Thus, until this Sunday at 11:59 BST I’m running a 30% discount on all our PDFs. Use this link (or the one above) to have the discount automatically applied to your order at checkout.

Help me buy the games I so desperately crave (and snag a bargain or two while you do!) Thank you!